Christian Louboutin Lady Gres 120 Peep Toe Pumps 36.5

Christian Louboutin Lady Gres 120
Color and Material: Black Leather
Size 36.5 : Pre-loved, Very Good Condition
Original retail price: $895

100% Authentic, Christian Louboutin Lady Gres 120 in black leather. Combining the sexiness Greissimo with a slightly lower platform, Lady Gres gives a more classic look. In very good condition, the previous owner took good care of them. The bottom half of the soles were restored with red lacquer and rubber toe taps were installed to protect the tips of the shoes. They were also professionally treated to be more supple and comfortable in the toe section (the previous owner was a size 6.5). All of these services were rendered by a professional leather spa in NYC. There are some very light marks on the leather from normal wear (hardly visible unless from close inspection) and a noticeable scratch on the back of the left heel. Please see pics above for overall condition. The Louboutin logo on the beige insoles have rubbed off from use, however this does not take away from the quality and craftsmanship of these beauties. These shoes are solid and will serve you for years to come. Authentication tips.

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